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st_mythology's Journal

Star Trek Mythology
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This is a themed challenge like 30_kisses designed to increase the amount of fanfiction in the Star Trek fandom. The comm was created and is moderated by babel. The idea is stolen borrowed from sw_mythology with permission from the creator imadra_blue.

The idea of the community is to choose a subject (character, pairing, group, series, etc.) from Star Trek which you would like to write about. There are currently eight theme sets to choose from, and you man choose one or more sets for your subject, depending on how many themes you would like to complete. Have any questions? Check the FAQ.

Theme Sets
The eight themes sets are General, Egyptian, Jataka Tales, Klingon, Greco-Roman, Biblical, Norse, and Fairy Tales. For a complete list of the themes within these sets, go here.

How to Sign Up
- Join the community. You will not yet be able to post, but once your claim is accepted, you will be given posting access.

- Check the claim list. Only one person may have a particular claim for a particular theme set at a time. For example, if someone has claimed Picard for theme sets 1 and 5, you may only choose to write Picard for the other six theme sets.

- Make your claim. You may have as many claims as you think you can handle, but if you have over two claims, you must post for one of your claims every two months or you will have to drop down to two.

- Once your claim has been accepted, you may begin posting your stories. Please use the following header:

Theme: (Include number and set, e.g. "Set V, Theme 14" or "Greco-Roman, Arachne's Weaving")
Subject: (List whatever you've signed up for, e.g. "Elim Garak")

You may add to the header, but please do not subtract from it.

- Either put your story behind an LJ cut or link to an off-community page with your story. You can make an LJ cut with the following tag: <lj-cut>

- Please don't use the theme as a title. The theme may be included in the title, but it shouldn't be all that you use.

- Please give all of your stories some sort of title. "Untitled" gets a little old.

- You may crosspost your stories as much as you like. There is no period of exclusivity.

- Once you finish all your themes or if you are no longer able or interested in completing your claim, post here.

Quick Links
- Themes List
- Claim List
- Claiming Post
- Completed/Drops Post
- Frequently Asked Questions